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Training Tool Summary

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Motivational Grid

Motivational Grid is an activity promoting self-understanding by exploring personal motivation and priorities. To live a fruitful life, we have to identify our goals and meaning of life. By including concepts in different domains in life, Motivational Grid helps crews find out what the most important matters in life are. Improving self-understanding helps individuals achieve life satisfaction and even self-actualization.

Motivational Grid

Learning Objectives

  • Understand oneself
  • Personal goals and priorities


  • Paper and pen
  • A 5x5 grid on the paper; Or you could download the grid in the Appendix of our guidebook.

Time Required

  • 25 Minutes



Step 1

Give the following instructions:

  • "I will ask you a few questions. You should put one answer in one box freely.
  • Write down 5 things you would buy or do if you had an infinite amount of money.
  • Write down 5 people who are important to you. You could simply write their initials and their relationship with you.
  • Write down 5 characteristics of yourself that you are proud of.
  • Write down 5 adjectives of how your ideal life would look like.
  • Write down 5 values or ideologies you endorse."

Step 2

Give participants time to finish their grid. Make sure they finish writing before your give the next instruction.


Step 3

Ask the participants to cross out relatively unimportant items under your command. Keep a rapid rhythm. Cross out 3 items each time. Repeat it 7 times so they cross out 21 items in total. Ask the participants to circle the remaining uncrossed items. These items are what really matters to them.


Step 4

You can debrief with the suggested debriefing questions in the guidebook and introduce the idea of goals and priorities.