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Training Tool Summary

Training toolkit

Mindful Eating

Mindful Eating is an activity usually introduced in the first session of mindfulness programs. Still, it can be used as an independent activity to present the idea of autopilot mode and labeling. In our life, we are seldom aware of the subtle details in life. Our mind is consistently wandering but not attending to what we are doing. Labeling influences our judgment and relevant behavior. Awareness to autopilot mode and labeling improves our performance and decision-making. Mindful Eating is a thoughtful event to demonstrate these two ideas, suitable for corporate training and introduction to mindfulness practice.

Mindful Eating

Learning Objectives

  • Awaken from the autopilot mode
  • Be aware of the effects of labeling and think more objectively


  • A snack such as raisins or nuts
  • Can be prepared by participants or the trainer

Time Required

  • 10 Minutes

Group Size

  • 1 to 10 people
  • a small group can facilitate discussion and reflection

Instructions given by the trainer


Step 1

Put the food piece in the palm. Feel the food like this is your first time approaching it. How is the texture of it? Is it soft? Is it hard? How is it when you slightly squeeze it? Focus your full attention on how you are holding it.


Step 2

Carefully look at the food. Examine its color, luster, shape. Turn the food pieces. Observe it with different angles. You can imagine it is your first time seeing it. Look at its grooves or ridges.


Step 3

Put the food pieces in front of your nose. How is its scent? It is totally fine if the food piece has no smell.


Step 4

Put the food in your mouth. Notice where the food is placed. Chew it slowly. Examine the change of its taste and its shape. Pay attention to which muscle you are using. Observe the secretion of your saliva. Observe how your mouth as a whole work in chewing the food.


Step 5

Do you notice your impulse to swallow your food? Simply observe the thought arisen in your mind. When swallowing it, observe how your muscles work together and the process of swallowing.


Step 6

Finally, feel the aftertaste of the food. How does it feel? Observe if you have any thoughts or emotion after the food. Simply look at them. Experience it with your full attention.