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Mindful Yoga: Know your body and mind

Stretch physical tautness, relieve mental tension from work


In our institutionalized society, yoga becomes merely a sport for physical beauty, its underlying philosophy seems to be neglected. This session utilizes breathing, sitting still and body movement to focus on our body and mental, further enhance out concentration, awareness and endurance. 

Yoga stretches our physical tautness; mindfulness relieves our mental tension accumulated by daily work. Infusing the two, this session is an oasis to leave work stress and discover inner self. 


Physical and mental relaxation

Work pressure relief 

Concentration training



  • Team engaged in work-processing
  • With eagerness to improve team relationship: Group exercise and sharing included to enhance team communication


  • Breathing and stress relief skills第一部份:呼吸減壓技巧
  • Yoga exercising
  • Group activities and sharing 

Venue arrangement

Door-to-door or venue arranged by TreeholeHK, including mats


1-2 hour(s)

Activities highlights

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