Sales & Influence

Sales & Influence Training

Influence, the power to reach and gain trust from the public. In today increasingly competitive market, the ability to influence is of paramount.

But how do we build great influence from limited resources? Understanding people is the key. With our psychology-based training approach, we help you gain influence in marketing, sales and even public speaking.

Psychology-Based Sales Training

Sales are vital to every business. However, selling is not easy, and in today’s competitive business environment, standing out among your competitors will only be increasingly difficult.

To stand out, you will need to take the best care of your target customers. Do you know the hidden needs and emotions that influence their decisions? PSYCHOLOGY OF SALES can make the unconscious conscious, so you can better appeal to your customers.

Psychology of Public Speaking Training

Public speaking is highly useful in business occasions. Yet, many people—even senior executives—find it frightening. It is also hard to understand your audience’s wants and grab the audience’s attention.

To improve our presentations, we need to know ourselves and our audience. In other words, PSYCHOLOGY is key to master public speaking.

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Our Clients
Mr. Yeung Chun-Yin

Lecturer, CUHK Philosophy Department

"Simply helpful!"

Training offered by TreeholeHK is lively and practical. Do you think mindfulness has to be boring? Not so. In these enticing classes you'll get the essence of mindfulness easily. It's simply helpful!

Mr. Mills Wong

Registered I/O Psychologist
RTHK Radio Presenter

"Peter Chan is one of the masters on applied psychology."

What's difficult about psychology is applying knowledge effectively - transferring knowledge and skills learnt to life and work for a more satisfying life. This is the ultimate goal for learning psychology, so as the key to mastering the subject. To my knowledge, Peter Chan is one of the masters on applied psychology.

Mr. Sam Ng

Director of CountAudit Limited

"Other instantly seems more understandable."

Learning mindfulness and psychology makes my life better. I am able to regain self-control that helps with my work. And the most fascinating part is that thorough learning active listening and social psychology, other instantly seems more understandable.

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