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A harmonious team is the foundation for success. Team building workshops help participants relieve stress and inspire them to think out of the box, thus bringing the team to new heights.

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Team Building 培訓過往客户

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Mindful Architect™

Original: Meditation X 3D Printing X Team Building Workshop. In addition to allowing the team to relax and take care of their emotions and cope with stress during the busy workday, the team also further integrated meditation into the team communication, in order to truly understand the needs of the team members and give them a heart-warming gift with a 3D pen.

Psychologists in the Wonderland 

Do you believe in mind reading? Do you know how to find your spiritual core? "Team Mental Adventure" combines entertainment, problem solving, communication and reflection, using games and different psychological tools such as the BIG5 personality test and cognitive fallacies to strengthen team bonding. From understanding the motivation of team members to establishing effective communication and making critical decisions, psychology can be found in all aspects of work.

City Hunt: Aberdeen Voyager's Secret

By combining a fast-paced city orientation with team building, team members will be able to find tips and complete team tasks through a clear division of labor, cross-distance information transfer and strategic management, enhance team communication and build shared memories, and get to know a little bit of Hong Kong while building a team in Aberdeen, which is full of fishing village culture.

Reimagine Team Building

Team building is not just about games and activities. We are actively involved in tailor-made team building activities for your team, using experiential learning as the main axis, using games and activities to bring out the key points of reflection and discussion for your team, and creating an open atmosphere for members to feel psychologically safe and honestly present their views to facilitate team communication and progress.

Plant Well, Plan Well

By allowing team members to create their own potted plants and encouraging them to express their thoughts and feelings about themselves and the team through plants, the team can get to know each other better and communicate more deeply even through quiet and simple activities, as well as strengthen teamwork and tacit understanding through collaborative production of team gardening works.

Team Building in Nature

Get away from indoor team building and allow your team to embrace the natural environment and adjust their pace together in the freedom of nature. During the process we will invite your team to use natural resources for team building activities, such as constructing pieces that represent the uniqueness of your team, adding elements of self-reflection, substituting others and team discoveries, building comfortable and fun shared memories for your team, and enhancing understanding and relationships.

How is our team building activities in Hong Kong different?

In our fast-paced program series, we apply psychological principles to foster the three elements of "shared experience", "psychological safety" and "goal congruence" to achieve long-term change.

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