The Human Factor
Management Consultancy Service

We help leaders build vision-driven organisations with a committed team that rallies around the company's mission, delivering great leadership experience and better business results.

why work with us?

To build a vision-driven organisation, we need to get three things right


Build the right future.


Bring the right people.


Do the right thing.

And, we help you excel in your Vision, People & Strategy.

How does the consultancy service works?

Discovery Phase (1-3 months)

Create alignment within the leadership team, identify gaps and opportunities.

Implementation Phase (Flexible Schedule)

Implement best practices from business psychology and entrepreneurship for reduced turnover, enhanced engagment and vision-identification.

Comprehensive Service Offering

Flexible, à la carte delivery

After the discovery phase, our consultants understand your needs and propose detailed, tailored services that are flexible and fit your requirements. We offer an à la carte selection, ensuring adaptability and a perfect fit for your organisational changes.


We ensure that your leadership team is aligned and committed to a unified vision, and that this vision is communicated effectively in every aspect of your organisation.

Executive Vision Alignment

Executive Seminar

We help executives review and refine the organization's vision. This ensures they have aligned a clear understanding of its overarching goals and purpose.


Company Town Hall

Team Building

We help executives open a transparent communication between leaders and employees. This provides a platform for them to address concerns on important decisions in the organization.


Vision Communication

Communication Service

We help executives develop their communication strategies. This ensures the organization's vision is effectively conveyed to the employees.



We ensure that your people processes are effective, especially in selecting the right employees to avoid costly hiring mistakes. We engage and upskill them with training and learning content. Additionally, we promote strong leadership.

Improve Talent Selection Process


We help executives establish a structured interview and draft a competency model of an organization. This ensures they hire the right candidates with the right qualifications.


Learning Content Production


We help executives create training videos and scriptwriting tailored to their internal needs. This promotes internal communication and training.


Executive Coaching


We help executives in their leadership capabilities and competencies, and bring them to a better understanding on self and leadership. This provides support in navigating organization transitions and fostering resilience.


Leadership Training


We equip executives with the necessary tools and strategies to effectively lead and inspire their teams. This drives organizational success through a competent leader who can bring the best out of people.


Define Competency & Cultural Model


We help executives create an alignment on their organization culture, core values and competencies. This provides a platform for them to have a clear understanding on their organizations and their peers and how to spread it to the organization.


Mindset Training

Mindset Training

We help executives develop and cultivate growth mindset, and share practical applications of it. This promotes positive impact on one's thoughts, attitudes, and behaviours.



We ensure that your company understands its market positioning, that everyone knows their responsibilities, and takes ownership of their roles. Information is disseminated effectively at all levels.

Objective-and-Key Results Implementation


We help executives set specific, ambitious, and measurable objectives. This ensures the organization can achieve higher levels of performance.


Strategic Partnership Alignment 


We help executives identify the areas that their organization might not have the capabilities to execute internally, and align them with our network of partners to form strategic partnerships that can help the organization grow.


Team Structure Audit


We help executives evaluate and analyse the current structure within their organization. This provides a platform to identify team's strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvement.


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