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Team Building with the Power of Psychology

Close team bonding is the basis of a successful business.

With our unique psychology-based approach, our team building programme can help your team members to foster a deeper bonding with each other.

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Mindful Architect™

Mindful Architect™ is the mentality of utilizing mindfulness to examine our thoughts and adjust our behaviour through introspection.

During this three-hour journey, participants learn to examine their existing mindset and learn how to utilise resources in an innovative manner.

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Cook a dish. Build a team

In "Cook a dish. Build a team", team members would learn to use their five senses to observe and feel the changes of the ingredients, thus increasing their awareness towards details and learning mindfulness in the process.

Cooking together with fellow teammates and sharing the meal would enhance the team bonding and working satisfaction.

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Plant Well, Plan Well

As city dwellers, our works and lifestyles in the concrete jungles are immensely stressful. The key to relieving our stress is to reconnect with nature.

Getting in touch with nature offers an opportunity to observe and nurture inner calmness. It would be even better if we can get in touch with nature while sitting in our offices. In this "Plant Well, Plan Well" workshop, participants can get closer to nature via horticulture.

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Mindful Hiking: A Retreat from Stress

Mindful hiking is a great choice for participants to relieve stress. With outdoor teamwork activities that focus on mindfulness, Mindful hiking aim to encourage participants to let go of everyday stress, so that they can understand teammates' personalities in a delightful atmosphere.

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Mindful Yoga: Know your body and mind

In the modern era, it seems that yoga has b
With breathing, meditating and body movement, we aim to train our attention, awareness and perseverance. Practicing yoga relieves our tension in the body.

Mindfulness practice, on the other hand, allows us to be free from everyday mental stress. Explore the limits of the body and release stress through challenging yet gentle movements.

Our Recognition

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Our Clients
 Mr. Yeung Chun-Yin

Lecturer, CUHK Philosophy Department

"Simply helpful!"

Training offered by TreeholeHK is lively and practical. Do you think mindfulness has to be boring? Not so. In these enticing classes you'll get the essence of mindfulness easily. It's simply helpful!

Mr. Mills Wong

Registered I/O Psychologist
RTHK Radio Presenter

"Peter Chan is one of the masters on applied psychology."

What's difficult about psychology is applying knowledge effectively - transferring knowledge and skills learnt to life and work for a more satisfying life. This is the ultimate goal for learning psychology, so as the key to mastering the subject. To my knowledge, Peter Chan is one of the masters on applied psychology.

Mr. Sam Ng

Director of CountAudit Limited

"Other instantly seems more understandable."

Learning mindfulness and psychology makes my life better. I am able to regain self-control that helps with my work. And the most fascinating part is that thorough learning active listening and social psychology, other instantly seems more understandable.

Team Building Hong Kong
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What makes your team building service different?


我們的 Team Building 服務基於靜觀與心理學,能助員工減壓,進而提昇生產力。



How may I book a team building session?

  • 樹洞服務承諾在收到查詢 24 小時內聯絡你。
  • 服務代表會了解你的需要,安排為你而設的內容、場地、食物等等。
  • 一站式服務,讓公務繁忙的你安枕無憂。
  • What about a half/full day training?

    根據經驗,我們的客戶最享受在全日活動中,結合動態與靜態的活動。例如不少客戶選擇在上午嘗試【靜觀瑜伽】,透過身體的律動舒緩壓力;下午則進行【靜觀互動工作坊】,透過別出心裁的 Team Building 遊戲促進團隊凝聚力。除此之外,亦可配合我們的【企業培訓服務】,創造一日事業增值與休閒舒緩兼備的體驗。

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