Growth Mindset Training for Change Management

What is Growth Mindset ?

Developed by Dr. Carol Dweck, growth mindset proposes that our abilities, intelligence and skills are qualities that can be changed by our efforts rather than fixed. Growth mindset has been widely applied in leadership training, tertiary education, and is regarded as a vital quality of innovative leaders.

In business, Growth Mindset encourages learning and innovation, and team development in the long term.

Without growth mindset, people would avoid failure and criticism at all cost, since failure indicates a weakness that cannot be changed. However, with growth mindset, we can learn how to turn failure into the foundation of success.

Key Learning Objectives

Embrace Failures and Take Responsibilities

Failure is stepping stone to innovation. Avoiding failure at all costs would lead to stagnation. Growth mindset helps teammates embrace failures as the process of growth and encourages bearing responsibilities.

Encourage Innovation

Growth mindset can help the team step out of comfort zone, try different things and lay the foundation for innovation.

Promote Team Learning Culture

If the team believes that knowledge can be accumulate knowledge and put it to application, learning culture will sprout. Growth Mindset training can help students grasp learning opportunities.

Learn Constructive Communication Strategies

Radical Candor is a communication strategy that helps teammates accept constructive criticism. With Radical Candor, both the manager and subordinate can better understand their strengths and weaknesses and improve accordingly. 

Training Content

Growth Mindset and Neuroplasticity

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Dr. Carol Dweck classifies our mindsets into growth mindset and fixed mindset. Someone with growth mindset believes that abilities can be developed, while someone with fixed mindset believes that abilities are fixed.

This session will briefly introduce the advantages of having growth mindset, what neuroplasticity is, the steps to acquire growth mindset and successful applications of growth mindsets in businesses. 

Understanding different mindsets

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With personality test and role play, we can know whether we and our colleagues have growth mindsets or fixed mindsets. The session can help participants understand their potentials and limitations. 

Mindfulness: Cultivate Growth Mindset and Grit

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Mindfulness is a mental training tool widely supported by contemporary psychology researches. The basic processes of mindfulness are to cultivate thoughts towards yourselves, understanding towards emotions and acquire clearer thoughts and better management of stress and emotion. 

Learning mindfulness can help participants identify fixed mindsets, change their mentalities promptly and become more perseverant. 

Learning communication methods that help others grow

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It is good to have growth mindset, but it would be even better to influence others to adopt growth mindset and achieve continuous improvement in the team's personal attributes and professional aspects.

Corporate management expert Kim Scott discovered that communication with Radical Candor can stimulate growth. Radical candor can encourage teammates to raise constructive opinions, put their strengthens together and overcome challenges as a team. 

Our Recognition

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Mr. Yeung Chun-Yin

Lecturer, CUHK Philosophy Department

"Simply helpful!"

Training offered by TreeholeHK is lively and practical. Do you think mindfulness has to be boring? Not so. In these enticing classes you'll get the essence of mindfulness easily. It's simply helpful!

Mr. Mills Wong

Registered I/O Psychologist
RTHK Radio Presenter

"Peter Chan is one of the masters on applied psychology."

What's difficult about psychology is applying knowledge effectively - transferring knowledge and skills learnt to life and work for a more satisfying life. This is the ultimate goal for learning psychology, so as the key to mastering the subject. To my knowledge, Peter Chan is one of the masters on applied psychology.

Mr. Sam Ng

Director of CountAudit Limited

"Other instantly seems more understandable."

Learning mindfulness and psychology makes my life better. I am able to regain self-control that helps with my work. And the most fascinating part is that thorough learning active listening and social psychology, other instantly seems more understandable.

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