TreeholeHK Training Toolkit

Psychology-Based for "Inside-Out" Effectiveness

The toolkit was designed for L&D training professionals, educators and managers who would like to take your organisation to the next level.

These are the tools we use to create real change for our clients. Now we put them into practical guides, so you can benefit from the power of psychology-based training.

Ready-to-use Training Tools


These well structured training tools are ready-to-use. We provide clear instructions on using the material, along with its rundown and time management. This way, you can lead with confidence.

Build your facilitator COMPETENCY

Skillset Guidebooks

As an organisational leader, you need to improve constantly. These materials will help you develop your professional skills, make you more effective in presenting, facilitating, and most importantly,  understanding human needs.

About Us

TreeholeHK prides ourselves on tried and tested psychology-based corporate training solutions. Evidence-based and experienced, we leverage on Psychology & Mindfulness to deliver the changes you want in people.