Psychology x Public Speaking & Presentation

Presentations and speeches can effectively convey information, engage the audience, and inspire them to take action. Our public speaking training helps participants master the skills of speaking, including understanding the audience's motivations and needs, organizing presentation materials, and boosting confidence in public speaking.

Training Objectives
  • Prepare impactful presentation content by understanding the audience's needs
  • Create a profound impression on the audience by learning the process of how the general public perceives information
  • Develop presentation techniques and boost confidence in≥public speaking

Workshop Content

Start with Why

Participants will understand the audience's point of view with visual aids. It helps participants to identify audiences' needs to prepare meaningful speech content. Participants will also study speech samples to gain insights into preparing their speeches.

Speech in Structure

Participants will understand the general public's tendencies when receiving information by playing various games. Participants will then utilise such tendencies in organising speeches, using techniques such as the Hamburger Model, Pixar Pitch, and Universal Intangible Concepts to leave a lasting impression on audiences.

Show Time!

By utilising the techniques they learnt, participants will deliver a speech individually. They will also learn additional tips for interactive speaking and relaxing exercises to enhance their confidence in public speaking.

Our Engagements

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Our clients

Trustable L&D partner, knowing how to foster growth & resilience in corporate culture.

Our DSG Learning Society finds Peter Chan’s sharing on growth mindset an inspirational one. What makes him stand out as a trainer is that the examples he shares are very relatable to both personal & professional life. He has a good sense of humour too. All these add up making him a trustable L&D partner, knowing how to foster growth & resilience in corporate culture

Joanna Wong

Head of Human Resources &

Real Estate

DSG Energy Limited

"Numerous reflection point which promoted attendees to think deeper."

Our team had the opportunity to attend a workshop on skills for handling clients. Peter has demonstrated himself as a dedicated trainer and consultant with great understand of client needs and had in-depth preparation. His workshop was highly interactive and inspiring, with numerous reflection point which promoted attendees to think deeper. Our team thoroughly enjoyed Peter's workshop.

Christopher Yip

Head, MBA Career & Alumni Development
HKUST Business School (MBA)

"The training session is simply captivating... offer applicable advises based on a psychological approach."

Very skilled at understanding what are client’s training needs and the training session is simply captivating. What’s more, he always keep in mind what behaviours and mindsets need to be changed for the audience and offer applicable advises based on a psychological approach.

Kenneth Lee

Supervisor (Innovation and Creativity)

The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG)

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