Cook a dish. Build a team

Combining cooking with mindfulness, let us escape from work and learn cooperation through mindful cooking. 

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Cooking is both a useful skill and a fun hobby. But do you know that after combined with mindfulness, cooking can also improve our mental health and polish our communication strategies? 

In "Cook a dish. Build a team", team members would learn to use their five senses to observe and feel the changes of the ingredients, thus increasing their awareness towards details and learning mindfulness in the process.

Cooking together with fellow teammates and sharing the meal would enhance the team bonding and working satisfaction.

Many participants told us eating the meal prepared by the whole team together not only made them feel the warmth among colleagues but also experience the happiness of cooperation during cooking. Mindfulness can also help our participants to better experience their lives. 

  • Business field: Cooking together can enhance the bonding and affinity among the staffs. This can facilitate inter-departmental cooperation.
  • Social welfare field: Mindful cooking can help social workers and counsellors focus on details and become more sensitive to service targets' needs. 
  • Education field: By learning how to effectively manage stress, teachers can improve classroom management and strengthen parent-school cooperation.

Key Focus 

Break communication barrier 

By cooking together within time limits, participants can improve their communication and cooperation.

Cultivate the habit of innovation and efficient resources utilization

By learning how to cook with limited ingredients, participants will be encouraged to innovate with limited time and resources.

Build self-awareness through mindfulness 

Participants can re-experience the cooking process thoroughly so that they can know themselves better and be get motivated for work.

Have Fun! 

While cooking, participants can enjoy a relaxing atmosphere, so that they can have fun in the team and put down their work. 

Training Content

Warm-up — “Savoring snacks”

Snacks can be the stress reliever when you are busy; the indulgence when you are bored; the embellishment when you are playing with friends. Snacks evoke our emotions, but we would rarely savor them.

We would distribute snacks like raisins or nuts, guide participants to use some simple awareness skills to feel and taste it. After the session, participants can sharpen their senses.

Mindful cooking — “Quiet Eating” and “Singing Bowl“

Participants would need to pay attention to every detail of the ingredients to finish the meal. In the meantime, trainers would knock the Singing bowl occasionally. The deep sound Singing Bowl can help participants relax and focus. By listening to the frequency and the sound of the Singing Bowl, they can be more aware of every cooking procedures and texture of the food. 

Participants can focus on cooking and eating, thus releasing stress. At the same time, the activity can offer plenty of chances to communicate and cooperate. With mindfulness, participants can enhance team bonding, thus knowing the personal traits of the team members, and learn suitable ways of communicating with teammates. 

Mindfulness experience —Tea Tasting

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Sometimes, we would unintentionally use our standard to judge other’s words. However, everyone is different! Mindfulness can help us think from others perspective and prevent such mistakes.

The activity would allow participants to experience mindfulness through tasting tea. Participants will be guided think out of their mindsets, put yourself in other’s shoes, and enhance communication. 

Debriefing and conclusion

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The value of a thing depends on how we treat it. In the activity, we have been using many ways to handle the ingredient. We have been using our eyes to observe and our hands to create.

In the course, participants would get the chance to re-visit every subtle thing around us. It would encourage us to use another perspective to see the world. By looking into the world differently, you might get a new insight into your life too!

After the activity, ordinary meals would become extraordinary. 

What is the relationship of cooking and mindfulness?

“Cook a Dish. Build a team.” uses cooking as the application of mindfulness. We could achieve mindfulness through observing subtle changes in the food.


Why should I choose “Cook a Dish. Build a team.” as team building activity?

In "Cook a dish. Build a team", team members would learn to use their five senses to observe and feel the changes of the ingredients, thus increasing their awareness towards details and learning mindfulness in the process.

Cooking together with fellow teammates and sharing the meal would enhance the team bonding and working satisfaction.

What would be the arrangements of venue, regions and language? 

Venue: TreeHoleHK tutors may either visit your site or arrange sites suitable for holding different size of events. Locations include HK Island, Kowloon and the New Territories.

We can visit regions nearby Hong Kong, including Macau, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Taiwan, and South East Asia. For large-scale events, we can offer our services across the globe.

All activities can be conducted in Cantonese, English or Putonghua.

What dishes can I choose for this course?

There are a variety of dishes you can choose from for this course. Most common dishes include Baked stuffed Portobello, Phat Thai, Japanese Donburi and various kind of desserts.

How to book team building activities conveniently?

  • TreeHoleHK guarantees that we would contact you within 24 hours.
  • Our service representative would offer tailor-made content, venue, and catering services.
  • TreeHoleHK offers one-stop services to help you save your precious time and effort.

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Learning mindfulness and psychology makes my life better. I am able to regain self-control that helps with my work. And the most fascinating part is that thorough learning active listening and social psychology, other instantly seems more understandable.

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