Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

Your best minds expect growth in the workplace.

You need an EAP plan that fully supports it.

What is ProficientMinds™

Employee Assistance Programme?

Unlike traditional EAP plans, ProficientMinds™ integrates our expertise in psychological counselling and business coaching. The result is a one-stop solution that takes care of employees' psychological well being, so that they can achieve professionally.


Our proven interactive training helps employees grasp the essence of positive psychology, improving reslience and adaptability.


Empathetic, practical and convenient —— these are what ProficientMinds™ has to offer. Be it a personal or professional matter, we got you covered.


ProficientMinds™ is the key to your corporate development goals. We foster an atmosphere of growth and mutual support through continuous education.

Why ProcifentMinds™ ?

Your brightest minds will expect growth in the workplace, personally and professionally. ProficientMinds™ EAP is the solution.

More than 80% of Fortune 500 corporates run EAP to support their companies' growth. Research shows that EAP improves employees' life satisfaction and professional devotion - contributing to an average Return on Investment (ROI) of 3.37(1).

Employees will always perform at their best when the environment is conducive to growth.

—— Forbes, 2014

Not only EAP is an excellent investment, it is also highly sought after by employees in Hong Kong(2)

92% Hong Kong employees don't think companies support staf wellbeing sufficiently.
65% Hong Kong employees are affected professionally by wellbeing-related issues.
69% Hong Kong employees never received education on mental health.

(1) Chestnut Global Partners. (2019). Workplace Outcome Suite© (WOS) Annual Report 2018: Understanding EAP Counseling Use, Longitudinal Outcomes and ROI, and Profiles of EAPs that Collect WOS Data. White Paper. Bloomington, IL: Chestnut Global Partners (a Morneau Shepell company).
(2) City Mental Health Alliance Hong Kong (2019). Mental Health in the workplace: survey of Hong Kong employees in professional services firms.

How does ProficientMinds™ works?

Step 1. Needs Evaluation and Programme Design

Your company is unique, and so is our ProficientMinds™ plan for you. To deliver the best result, we will conduct a brief research that may include questionnaire or focus group interviews. This helps us to better understand the service users' needs.

Step 2. ProficientMinds™ Bootcamp

To kick start the ProficientMinds™ EAP programme, we will launch a bespoke bootcamp to introduce the services and benefits of the programme to the employees. Like all our training programmes, this workshop will be interactive and facilitative to team bonding and learning culture.

Step 3. Interactive Corporate Training Functions

In alignment with your corporate developmental goals and employees' personal needs, we will host workshops on a regular basis. Our signature Inside-Out training approach will help your employees nurture resilience, and to learn practical skills that help them achieve professionally.

Step 4. Individualised Support

Our professional team provides personalised support access to each and every employee. Through these in-depth sessions, employees internalise knowledge and skills from the training functions and get personalised support from our counselling and coaching professionals.

Step 5. Performance Evaluation and Reorientation of the Programme

A mid-term evaluation will take place to measure the engagement and satisfaction using the ProficientMinds™ programme. Through the evaluation, we can continuously refine and adapt the programme so it always fits your latest needs.

Our Recognition

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Our Clients
 Mr. Yeung Chun-Yin

Lecturer, CUHK Philosophy Department

"Simply helpful!"

Training offered by TreeholeHK is lively and practical. Do you think mindfulness has to be boring? Not so. In these enticing classes you'll get the essence of mindfulness easily. It's simply helpful!

Mr. Mills Wong

Registered I/O Psychologist
RTHK Radio Presenter

"Peter Chan is one of the masters on applied psychology."

What's difficult about psychology is applying knowledge effectively - transferring knowledge and skills learnt to life and work for a more satisfying life. This is the ultimate goal for learning psychology, so as the key to mastering the subject. To my knowledge, Peter Chan is one of the masters on applied psychology.

Mr. Sam Ng

Director of CountAudit Limited

"Other instantly seems more understandable."

Learning mindfulness and psychology makes my life better. I am able to regain self-control that helps with my work. And the most fascinating part is that thorough learning active listening and social psychology, other instantly seems more understandable.

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