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Cook a dish, Build a team

A breather from hectic work. Communication opportunities between participants.


Cooking can be utilized to practice mindfulness. In the process, we will tune in mind to the subtle details of ingredients and cooking steps. According to a psychological research from University of Groningen, such an approach to subtlety in life associates with positive emotions. 

The course lets participants take a breather from hectic work, further offers chances for them to cooperate, Infusing with mindfulness is designed for a team to have fun, to learn and to bond. 

Recipe options: Stuffed portobello mushroom | Phat thai | Japanese donburi | Desserts


Enhance team communication

Relieving stress from work 



  • Improve team communication
  • With eagerness for interesting and interactive team building activity
  • Enhance team positive energy via mindfulness

Venue arrangement

Door-to-door or arranged by TreeholeHK


3 hours

TreeholeHK founder            
Bachelor of Social Sciences(Psychology), First class honour
University of Oxford exchange student
MBCT; Vipassana Mindfulness courses
TEDx Talk, Mindfulness: Contemporary psychological training 

Activities highlights

RTHK's Coverage on Our Cooking Event

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